Introduction to Learning Based Monitoring & Evaluation

Delivering on outcomes is hard work. Making good decisions about where to invest effort, energy, and resources relies on knowing what is working and if your programmes are making the expected contribution. Here at pattillo we are delighted to be able to partner with Dr Jess Dart from Clear Horizon in Melbourne and bring to New Zealand the successful Introduction to Learning Based Monitoring & Evaluation workshop - An intensive real time evaluation training that will provide you with techniques that will build your capacity to know what your projects have achieved in a practical, meaningful way, and a great opportunity to think and learn together.

What will the course be like?

This three day program is a popular course that provides an in depth understanding of how to develop a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation plan. Participants will develop a solid understanding of the theory and practice of monitoring and evaluation by working with a real case study.

Who is the course for?

If you and your team are looking for evaluation that helps people link policy intention to on-the-ground service and the difference they make in people’s lives then this training opportunity is a must for you. This workshop would appeal particularly to NGO's, community and voluntary sector organisations, government agencies and evaluators.

Dr Jessica Dart - recognised world leader in evaluation.

Dr Jessica Dart is Managing Director of Clear Horizon and a celebrated published professional and international guest speaker, with a PhD in Program Evaluation and an MSc in sustainable agriculture. Jessica’s doctoral research launched a revolutionary participatory monitoring tool – the Most Significant Change technique (MSC). The MSC workshop has been run internationally across health and education, the natural resource community and development sectors. MSC now forms part of the Clear Horizon flagship techniques including the Evaluation Summit Technique and the latest innovation, the Performance Story Report. Dr Dart received the Australasian Evaluation Society 2006 National Development Award for these valuable contributions to the evaluation of social change programmes in Australia and overseas.

Investment - exclusive half price offer for NGO's!

This is a great deal!  Clear Horizon are offering not-for-profits a 'Two-for-One' deal!  Normally, this course would be $1200 AUD per person, now, that is for two people.

Clear Horizon will administers these courses. Please note course costs are in $AUD

if you are interested in this course please contact pattillo or Clear Horizon  

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