Reaching Ahead

There are key ideas and inspirations that have over the years shaped the style and direction of great facilitation and consulting methods. Much of this thinking can be found in the pattillo library, but of course new ideas, research and important discoveries for all sectors of business emerge every day.

The people unearthing and teasing out this new thinking are people we bring together from across New Zealand and Australia, they are the Arc Masterclass; an invitation only group of professionals from a range of specialist disciplines.

For us as a group this is a time for the indulgence of technical jargon and academic debate; a time when we play Meerkat; popping up above the business of business, looking to see what’s there, and what’s not there, and then we use this information to work together as the landscape shifts. We do this all this so we can reach ahead, to create tools and techniques for working with our clients out of all that’s changing, new and possible.

Arc Events

The pattillo masterclass members come together several times a year to workshop thinking and we do that with a range of best-in-class professionals from all over the world, professionals who will also host Arc event workshops, these are open to professionals outside the class.

If the edge of thinking is where you want to be, join us for Arc events.






The Meerkat likes to get out of the office (or the warren, as it's sometimes known in the South African grasslands), because it's important to take the time to monitor the changing landscape, and to talk about new observations with the gang.