Auckland Regional Public Health Service

Meet Auckland Regional Public Health, New Zealand's largest public health unit responsible for the delivery of services across three District Health Boards.

The brief
was to reform the management and leadership structure in line with new strategy, without losing capacity or capability.

Our approach was to engage with staff and managers in a way that built an open flow of thinking and ideas. We asked the deceptively simple question of, ‘how would you best be organised to deliver on the strategic direction, at your best?’ Having benchmarked the existing structure against similar organisations here and abroad, we then developed and presented a series of options around the possible new management and leadership structure, again this reinforced the open process, and reflected much of what people had contributed. Through conscientious engagement we were able to make sure that form followed function and that people wanted to embrace the new structure. It’s great to see that this approach has become the framework for continuing development within the Auckland Regional Public Health Service.