Building an Engaging Organisation


Do you feel you are sometimes a bit of a ‘lone voice’ in your organisation regarding engagement?

What if you could learn how to gain the internal support you need for your organisation to place engagement at the heart of its work?

If you are seeking to:

• Engage with external stakeholders and communities in a way delivers every time on your engagement promise and supports your reputation

• Create a sense of momentum towards real and long lasting change that has engagement as ‘just how we do things around here”

• Make sense of why past engagement practice with your stakeholders and communities just doesn’t seem to work as well as it used to

• Gain perspective on how your external customers and communities view your engagement activities

• Understand organisational drivers for change and how they can apply to engagement

.... Then you need to know how what has changed in engagement and what you can do about it.

Our high impact two day practical workshop includes the following elements:

• Identifying the key levers you can use in generating change in your own organisation

• Understanding your role in ‘changing from within’

• Creating your own action plan to implement a sustained approach to engagement across your organisation

The Building an Engaging Organisation workshop is offered as a public workshop, and can also be tailored for delivery within an organisation. Please talk to us if you would like an in-house programme.

You get a certificate!

Upon the completion of full attendance, participants will receive credit from IAP2 recognising their successful participation in the workshop.

Investment (excludes GST)

$850 per person

Dates for 2016

contact pattillo if you are interested in the is course

Course convenor:

Anne Pattillo

Contact us:

Call +64 4 4732702