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The brief was to take a fresh look at strategic direction.

Our approach was to design a strategic planning process that gave every single member of Career Services an opportunity to have a say in both the identification of key environmental developments, and a new sense of organisational direction. New Zealand’s needs have changed, there’s a critical demand to build our capability as a nation and Career Services has a big part to play in that. After two short focused sessions with the Board, the process culminated in a planning workshop with the Board, managers and staff representatives. Because of the diversity of perspectives and because of the fullness of participation, Career Services was able to develop a new strategic plan that excited people about the prospect of a new direction. The new vision both played to their strengths as an organisation and coincided with the needs of New Zealand and New Zealanders, and people were really captured by that momentum for leading change. When new people join the team they say ‘there’s a real buzz going on around here’.