Our People

Cath Nesus

Cath Nesus is an impressive force in policy development and legislative reform. She is a skilled lawyer whose most recent qualifications include a Masters in Public Administration (Exec). Cath was among a select Australasian group of public sector leaders selected for this programme, in no small part because her work can be linked to a vast amount of significant Maori legislation enacted over the past sixteen years.

With a history that spans positions in both New Zealand and Australia including General Manager of Policy at the Ministry of Maori Development and positions at the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and Aboriginal Affairs Department in Perth, Cath is now working as an independent consultant to the sector.

Cath excels in managing and working through complex issues within a changing environment, her passion is people and she discovered early in her career that working at a real level of change means working with policy and legislation. Cath has prepared numerous policy papers, cabinet and briefing papers and discussion documents for public comment. She has also prepared a range of communication packages to inform the community about policy initiatives and legislation.

Working with the pattillo team has retained a solid people focus for Cath, where her analytical, evaluative expertise and strong writing skills are valued as part of a seamless consulting service for a high profile of work.