- Are you a community engagement or public participation practitioner seeking to build your professional CREDibility, influence ethically with other professionals and senior staff and community members?

What if you could learn how to influence key decision-makers in your organisation more effectively?

If you are seeking to:

• Understand the attributes of personal credibility and how to build those attributes to lift your own credibility for real engagement

• Learn new tools to work with status, help others make good decisions, and influence people who make decisions about your engagement projects

• Enhance personal and professional credibility, including adopting the skills and attributes of an internal consultant to create change

.... Then you need to know how boost your own professional credibility as part of successful engagement practice.

Our high impact one day practical workshop includes the following elements:

• Identifying professional standards for ethical practice

• Building relationships and credibility with people who have different status levels to your own.

• Tailoring your approach to the decision-making style of the key people in your network for credibility

• Identifying and practice to build your credibility when it really matters for critical engagement conversations

• Creating your own action plan to implement engagement on a key aspect critical to your work.

The CRED! workshop is offered as a public workshop, and can also be tailored for delivery within an organisation. Please talk to us if you would like an in-house programme.

You get a certificate!

Upon the completion of full attendance of the course, participants will receive credit from IAP2 recognising their successful participation in the CRED! workshop.

Investment (excludes GST)

$500 per person

Dates for 2016

contact pattillo if you are interested in this course

Course convenor:

Anne Pattillo

Contact us:

Call +64 4 4732702