Facilitating with Confidence

Our approach is focused on an outcome, designed for purpose, and then facilitated in the moment. In a way, a good facilitator is like a good chef; a person with a full kit of  tools and techniques, and most importantly - the talent to know when to use them. There is a certain spontaneity and improvisational style that works because of the range of skills that can be drawn on as the group evolves. When we meet with groups we don't say ‘here’s an outcome I prepared earlier’, because at the heart of facilitation is participation. People ask us to facilitate in an incredibly wide range of situations, the ingredients are never the same, but in every event it’s always about things that really matter to people, it’s always about people talking to each other, and it’s always about establishing a relationship that means action is possible.

If you are a leader who wants to

  • take your facilitation skills to the next level
  • facilitate your meetings to advantage
  • make the most of the knowledge and experience of everyone around the table

... then you need to be able to facilitate with grace and competence

Our high impact practical two day workshop will include the following elements

  • how to build the platform to ensure your facilitation reaches the outcomes you seek and leaves participants experiencing the workshop or meeting in the way you want them to
  • how to prepare by choosing the tool that will work best for your group and for the issue you want to work on
  • how to facilitate with grace and confidence, even under difficult circumstances (and difficult people)

Investment (excluding GST):

$850 per person (excluding GST)

Dates for 2016:

contact pattillo if you are interested in this course

Course convenor:

Anne Pattillo

Contact us:

Call +64 4 4732702

Email people@pattillo.co.nz