Little Ashes

Winner Bonnie Wroe is in her third year at the Quay School of Arts majoring in painting with a strong focus on drawing. Her work, entitled “Little Ashes”, is a pencil drawing about death.

Bonnie reflects on her piece, stating that: “To die is to enter into an impossible state of complete nothingness. While our souls leave the earth, our bodies are left to decay; all trace of the person we once were essentially vanishing into thin air, leaving nothing but the memories imprinted within the minds of those we have left behind. Our beautiful faces will decompose, our skin will wither to bone, and our organs will feed the worms. The romantic notion of a souls departure to a final place of rest seems so far removed from the morbid reality that awaits our fragile bodies. Not knowing what will become of me when I die is as equally seductive as it is terrifying.”

Bonnie has drawn since she was three years old. She is now majoring in painting, with a strong focus on drawing, which is her passion. Her drawings are an extension of herself; the time invested in each is immense and obsessive, the subjects reflecting her own perceptions of beauty.