Our People 

Maree Maddock 

Maree is pattillo’s possibility leader and co-director.

Maree has worked extensively in the public sector as an operational manager, evaluator and leader of service innovation projects. She has also worked in national workforce development roles, and has a dynamic track record of building teams and delivering new service solutions.

Maree is an expert in participatory evaluation, working with organisations seeking a more agile evaluation process. Participatory evaluation enables insight, on-the-go decision making and innovation, long before the final report is written. Maree’s skill lies in designing a unique approach for each organisation, whether the intent is to evaluate practices and roles, or for funders to assess the impact of their investment.

A sought after a senior consultant and facilitator, Maree has a deep capacity to listen and to connect with a diverse range of people. She has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Not for Profit Management,from Waikato University with a focus on Social Enterprise.