Ministry of Social Development


Meet the Ministry of Social Development; born out of the social policy functions of government and the social delivery functions of government. It is one of New Zealand's largest government agencies.

Our approach was to maximize the unique possibility that comes from having people who are involved in on-the-ground delivery and people who are involved in shaping government policy advice working together. With this in mind we facilitated a range of forums that would have slightly different purposes, and drew together leaders and thinkers across the Ministry. The Strategy Forum was designed to shape thinking about the future and consider how best to improve outcomes for each of the target groups for the Ministry. The National Leaders Group drew together those who led people in the organisation; with the challenge of asking how best to build culture. Our role over the last few years has been to facilitate each of those strategic engagement opportunities and to remain focused on connecting people, encouraging them to break free of what is easy and comfortable and to stretch the everyday connections to strengthen the impact of services for New Zealanders.