Our Identity

Up and Out

By Jason O’Hara

Jason is a member of the creative team behind the pattillo identity; he is an award winning graphic and brand communicator and a talented sculptural artist. This is the first in a series of sculptures for pattillo; in the future an integral part of our identity will be fulfilled through our scholarship commission.

We like art. More specifically we like the power of art to communicate complex and powerful ideas through a single portal. Then layer into that the fact that each person sees something a little different, has their own unique perspective and interpretation – and we love it.

Jason’s brief was ‘sculpting chaos’. Why chaos? Well it’s a bit risky and we knew it would be a brave choice to present ourselves in association with this word, but hey, we work with people who take risks everyday. So it’s a brave direction and actually that’s why it really fits. Like anything, the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. We think it’s just brave enough to interest you and for you to let us tell you why....

Beautiful Chaos

Chaos is a rich source of creativity. Where some people see a messy situation we see the exciting potential for transformation; looking at the world differently, is after all, one of the reasons people choose us. Our clients do the easy things themselves. When the choices are many and complex, this is when we get the call.

We revere chaos, thrive on its energy and respect it as a force for change. The word is often used to describe a situation where many threads of perspective are entangled; without this sense of chaos there would be no threads to hold, no knitting that could take place, this is the fantastic fuel of the facilitation process. But potential lies in people, not in process, and in groups of people it’s this sense of energy drawn from chaos that drives change, there is a peak of intensity right before the sparks of faith are ignited and the possibilities emerge.

Generous possibilities convert to powerful choices, and powerful choices will change landscapes.

None of this is to say that the organisational lives of our clients will feel chaotic, often it is quite the opposite, it is simply to say that we find incredible things within complexity; our skill lies in our ability to distil this into a simpler truth, to respect and acknowledge both chaos and the full range of possibility that it presents.

Our Logo

When people look at our logo they will each see things a little differently, some people see a shared thinking space with many ‘legs’, a group committed to participation, others see the sun, and for some it will be a burst of energy; sometimes when it catches your eye it seems to move. For us it’s about all these things; about participation, about capturing energy, and about a sun level view; an equal amount of light on every perspective. It is the height to see what is, and the vision to see what could be.