Recovering from Disaster

Over the last few months we have learned how we can reach out and support friends, colleagues, team mates and neighbours as they have respond and move to rebuild after natural disaster and in some cases tragedy. Tuesday 22 February was one of those days for the people of Christchurch and people in this small country, New Zealand.

What can we do to help was the question we asked ourselves in the hours after we had confirmed our Christchurch family was safe, well and together.

So here is a little thing. We talked to our friends at the Global Facilitators Service Corp. GFSC is a real track record as resource and network for those wanting to help in the recovery from disaster, especially using any facilitation skills you may have. Here is their website.

Here are some resources to help us think about recovery from disaster. It is too early now to act in this way, but it is the perfect time to plan for action in a month or so.

We are also working with our friends at IAP2 Australasia to set up a webinar focused on these skills in the coming weeks and months. We will let you know when it is on and becomes available.

Manuals and Workbooks

Helping children, adults and facilitators deal with disaster, crisis and change

Bearing the Pain of Others: How to Help the Helpers

Practical suggestions for recognizing and taking care of yourself and others in helping roles

Bad Things Happen to Good People

Explaining the painful, but normal, necessary feelings and emotions that are part of every crisis and loss

Debriefing A Traumatic Event

A conversation framework best used after immediate emergency needs are met, to help survivors work through shock and initial reactions; also useful as outline for personal journaling

Working With Groups After A Crisis

Sharing, Processing, Learning. Suggestions for working with people under stress

Crisis > Change > Choice:

GFSC Workshop for Building Community Resilience


Other resources that may be useful: