Relationship Services


Meet Relationship Services, a leading not-for-profit group that helps New Zealanders to have productive and valuable relationships in the home, at work, and in the community.

Our approach was first to understand the dual leadership teams within the organisation, one with a business focus and one with a clinical/ service delivery focus. It was important from our point of view to design an experience which captured the best of international thinking about leadership, but also got people to reflect on their local reality and context of leadership and then to think about what they could shift or change to develop their own approach. It was important to weave those three elements together to give it impact. Like any organisation the leadership resources here are limited, valuable and busy so we needed to have a number of tipping points for people to think differently. We designed the development process that started with resources to review, a discussion and reflection opportunity, and then the leadership and development workshop itself was followed by a further coaching and reflection opportunities integrated into the organisation. We are often asked to help leaders develop while doing the business, but this organisation wanted to develop a leadership culture, to build skills and to really build the overall capability of the team.