Our commitment

Our Commitment – we have learnt a lot as we pivoted and occasionally pirouette through through COVID – 19.  So our service commitment is:

  1. We can deliver all services virtually and kanohi te kanohi (face to face) or using both channels. The choice is yours, if you need our services, we will get it to you, virtually or physically.
  2. For kanohi te kanohi events, we will work with you to plan the conversations and activities.
  3. We will talk to you to understand the context, your needs and requirements before any meeting or workshop. We are happy to do this anyway that suits you in person or virtually, by phone or using Microsoft teams or ZOOM.
  4. We will use a range of virtual tools and facilitation processes to combine the thoughts and conversation to create the desired impact online.
  5. We will use a range of facilitation tools and processes to build understanding, decision-making and actions.
  6. Any resources or equipment we bring into your workplace are cleaned between client assignments.
  7. We will use hand sanitiser and good hand washing practice during any visit to your place.
  8. If we are sick, we won’t come to your place.