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Covid-19 Details

Level 2 Services – we got this!


I don’t want to be COVID 19 famous!

I love having the Whanganui Arts Review named the PATTILLO Whanganui Arts Review, but I’ve never wanted to have a COVID 19 cluster named after me.  NEVER, EVER. 

Nor do I want to be known as COVID Annie, it has a ring to it but people who know me don’t call me Annie. NEVER, EVER. 

Underpinning our commitments is a desire to take care of our clients and their families, and my need not to be COVID 19 famous.  Our procedures are based on government requirements, the best health advice and what we know works for our services. 

We are looking forward to supporting clients during Level 2.  We have 10 commitments for safe service.

 So here is our approach.

  1. We can deliver all services virtually and kanohi te kanohi (face to face) or using both channels.

The choice is yours, if you need our services, we will get it to you, virtually or physically.

  1. We will use a contact tracing system to ensure that any face to face meetings or workshops to are in a controlled environment.
  2. We will talk to you to understand the context, your needs and requirements before a meeting or workshop. At Level 2 our preference is to do this set up virtually, by phone or using Microsoft teams or ZOOM.  (This reduces the risk of movement or moving from one client to another)
  3. We will work with you to design meetings and workshops to get the job done safely, including facilitating workshops in two-hour windows if required.
  4. We will maintain at least 1 metre distance from you and workshop participants in any physical delivery.
  5. We will provide advice to ensure that any physical meetings are set up in a safe and effective way.
  6. We will use a range of virtual tools and facilitation processes to combine the thoughts and conversation to create team output. All of this is to minimise physical interaction and to maximise social interaction. No sharing of pens and paper.
  7. Any resources or equipment we bring into your workplace are cleaned between client assignments.
  8. We will use hand sanitiser and good hand washing practice during any visit to your place.
  9. If we are sick, we won’t come to your place.


For Level 2 we will play it safe, but we will play!


Nga mihi.