COVID-19 All our services are available virtually. Talk to us about how you can change shape, connect, organise, and thrive. Pattillo Covid-19 Details

Covid-19 Details

Level 3 and 4 Services


We have learned a lot about COVID 19 over the last weeks and months.  We now know that moving in and out of levels is likely to be the new immediate normal. We have got really good at delivering our services online, contactless and mostly fun!


Whether its large scale online get togethers, team development conversations, strategy sessions, interviews, presentations or learning sessions, we have done it all.


So, take care and this is how we will take care while we deliver our virtual services.    We have 4 steps for safe service.


Here is our approach.

  1. We can deliver all services virtually
  2. We will talk to you to understand the context, your needs and requirements before a meeting or workshop. We will do this set up virtually, by phone or using Microsoft teams, webex or ZOOM.
  3. We will work with you to design meetings and workshops to get the job done safely, including facilitating workshops in two-hour windows if required.
  4. We will use a range of virtual tools and facilitation processes to combine the thoughts and conversations to create shared output.


For Level 3 and 4 we will keep our distance, but get close up to solving your problems, help you to connect with your people and have a little fun while we get the job done.


Ngā mihi.