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Virtual meetings and pineapple lumps

by | 18 May, 2020 | Company Culture

A bit over a week ago I posted a photo of my desk after a busy week of virtual facilitating. This week has been another busy one 6 strategic sessions, a coaching call and an assessment session. But I didn’t want to finish this week without saying thank you to everyone who noticed the post and left a comment. I was touched by your interest. People had some questions about facilitation and the pineapple lumps(!). So I put together this tiny slide pack with answers as a way to say thanks. It was great to hear from you @Lisa Rodgers @Nicki Douglas @Carol Hayward @Margaret Harvie @Jason Diceman @Kerry Morrison @Shenagh Gleisner @Daniel Pouwels @Mary E. Moreland @Marion Lawie @Rachael Edginton @Jacinta Cubis @Paddy Plunket @SallyAnn Hunting @Marg McLeod @Raylee Marfel

View PDF here


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